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20 Years & Counting

Finding Inspiration in Every Design


Vitality Furniture believes in only the best craftsmen work for our clientele. Our design team can transform environments with our exquisite furniture. We have 20 years of expertise working with design along with architectural firms and event planners on small- and large-scale projects. It has allowed us to manufacture furniture for hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential properties as well as event rentals. In fact, last year, Vitality Furniture had the honor of working with Vox Productions to design, layout and deliver furniture for 1500 people in 24 hours for Super Bowl LVI.  We are always thrilled to take on new and exciting projects no matter the task. 

Our Furniture Journey

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Manufacturing Casegoods – Vitality works with a variety of materials; wood, metal, stone, acrylic to  create unique, durable, fine crafted casegoods for our clients needs. 

We can upholster anything! Just a bit of humor. We upholster in many  styles with many fabrics, with tufting, channels, tight seat & backs. We will make your visions come to life. 

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Vitality Wedding.jpg




Since launching our special events rentals division Vitality has provided. Some of Hollywood's most premiere events with beautiful furniture rentals and backdrops.

Refinishing – Vitality has extensive refinishing capabilities. With a team of master
craftsmen, we can create many different finished looks, match colors and styles.
apabilities. With a team of master
craftsmen, we can create many different finished looks, match colors and styles.



Lunch-Dining Room01.jpg

Meet the Team

All hands are always on deck with our Vitality furniture .


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Las Vegas strip Aerial view cityscape in Nevada USA.jpg

Up Next At Vitality 

Though, the city of Las Vegas did not invent great parties and special events. They have managed to perfect it. We at Vitality furniture are excited to announce our next location in the most visited city in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada here we come. 

For more information contact us at

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